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1. When I was in high school, I [would / used to] lift weights in the gym almost every day.

2. When I was a kid, I [would / used to] feel like every day was a new adventure.

3. Juan received the highest score on the test [since / because] he studied the most.

4. [Since / Because] Rich was the most qualified, he was offered the promotion first.

5. She is perhaps the most [well spoken / well-spoken] project manager to have ever led the initiative.

6. Considering the event is informal, I’d say Milan is notably [well dressed / well-dressed]. (Answer is based on Chicago Manual of Style usage.)

7. “Every one of y’all (insert [sic] / don’t insert [sic]) should do a little more homework before you go makin’ accusations like that,” the site supervisor said.

8. [New Year’s day / New Year’s Day] is on January 1.

9. The weather isn’t good today, so I will wait until tomorrow to go jogging. (In this sentence the word so is [an adverb / a conjunction].)

10. The team is so big and strong that most others don’t want to play against them. (In this sentence the word so is [an adverb / an adjective].)