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Visual learners will love Auntie Bev’s short videos. Improving your use of the English language helps students at all levels

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From using Power Words in Job Interviews, to simply knowing what words mean and using them correctly, these skills can help you stand out in a good way

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English your second language? Listening and watching Auntie Bev give real life examples will help you understand and converse with English speakers

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 Whether, texting, on a zoom meeting, sending an email, documenting a process, or doing a presentation, using words correctly is a necessity

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 Increasing your vocabulary and improving your grammar will help you become a better speaker, whether talking with your friends and coworkers, or speaking in front of a large audience

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“Hear how Auntie Bev parlayed her love of vocabulary into becoming a TikTok influencer in this Spectrum News Interview.”

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When Auntie Bev Speaks People Listen

Auntie Bev, I use words I learned from you at work and it helped me to articulate what I’m trying to say so  that it doesn’t get misunderstood.

Jennifer H.

Learning new vocabulary words, to add to your linguistic roster, can seem formidable, however, with the help of Auntie Bev, my vocabulary is getting stronger o0n a daily basis.  I love to be a sesquipedalian.

Bryant H.

From one words lover to another, I wanted again to tell you how much I enjoy your content.
I might not be a native speaker but I do try to incorporate more words in my English vocabulary and I do so with meraki.

Zeev A.

Auntie Bev made a lasting impression on participants and me. As a result of her motivation and kind spirit that exuded throughout the virtual summit, we look forward to not only having her virtually again, but bringing her to campus to do more

Dr. Mitchell Shears