The Power of Words: Auntie Bev Speaks

Presentation at Wake Tech Community College

Motivational Keynote Speaker Beverly Mahone, affectionately known as Auntie Bev, has been on the speaking circuit for more than four decades. The Journalist-turned Author-turned TikTok Vocabulary Queen communicates with a witty, keep-it-real style as she wows audiences across the country. She knows how to command an audience and will enlighten, empower and entertain you!

Today, she continues on her journey to help others find their unique voices through the written and spoken word. Her philosophy is: “You have gifts to give the world so find your voice and prosper.”

When you need someone to light a fire under your audience for business or inspiration, Auntie Bev is your BEST CHOICE!

“I discovered Auntie Bev on TikTok and saw the beauty of her inspirational vocabulary mini-lessons for me personally. Typically, when I see something that inspires me I want that same inspiration for others.

While I was admiring the different TikTok videos of Auntie Bev, I was planning a virtual summit for math and science educators. In our profession we find ourselves so much into reading research and sharing professional literature about academic content until we forget to motivate ourselves individually.

So, I decided to reach out to see if Auntie Bev would motivate us before we began our virtual conference. She did exactly that! She empowered us and reminded us that “life and death is in the power of the tongue!”

More specifically, when asked three things that stood out for participants in the summit, these three statements were submitted by different participants, “Powerful vocabulary from Auntie Bev”, “Recognizing that all WORDS matter”, and “Beverly-Math.” Overall, Auntie Bev made a lasting impression on participants and me. As a result of her motivation and kind spirit that exuded throughout the virtual summit, we look forward to not only having her virtually again, but bringing her to campus to do more.”

Mitchell M. Shears, Ed.D.

Associate Vice President for Student Success

& Executive Director of Title III

Jackson State University

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