If this is your first visit to my site, I would recommend you go back to the previous post titled, Responding to Criticism, so you will have a full grasp of this follow-up.

OK–so after responding (via email) to Wendy’s criticism of my latest book, Don’t Ask and I Won’t Have to Lie, I received another email from her which read:

Thank you for replying to my email and being so kind in your response.  I want to apologize for my “constructive criticism”…my friend and I were browsing blogs and having some fun, while drinking on a couple of glasses of wine, when we came upon your link.  The grammatical errors that I believed were incorrect were actually due to my faulty reading at the time.  The line in particular was, “Some go to great lengths to conceal what they believe are physical flaws because, as an over zealous media always reminds us, image is everything.”  I was skimming the excerpt when I saw the comma in front of because – not bothering to actually see it in its complete sentence.  At the time I felt like I was doing you a service, and strongly felt the need to email you.  Like I mentioned, I am in no way a writer, but it seems I am also bad at comprehending a sentence while intoxicated.  I am sincerely sorry for wasting your time, and am glad you were at least able to get an idea for a blog post.  I would love to read it even if it speaks negatively about random people in the world trying to give their two cents when none should be given, I wouldn’t blame you.  lol.

Congratulations on your success, it was nice having an exchange with a real author.  Next time I will keep my inaccurate/observations away from anybody’s inbox.  I’m truly embarrassed, and can’t say sorry enough.

I wish you and yours a happy holiday and a safe new year.



You did not waste my time at all.  The fact that you googled me and took the time to read my work is something I sincerely appreciate.  Also, the offer still stands–if you’d like me to send you a copy of the book, please send your address.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


***This could’ve turned into an ugly situation with me losing a potential reader (and who knows how many friends she has) had I chosen to respond in a different way or to ignore her comments altogether.

One thing I’ve learned as an author and in life is not everyone is going to agree with what you say that’s why it’s important to:

1) Respect what others have to say.  She could’ve blasted me publicly–which would’ve been more insulting but she didn’t.  She did it privately and I respect that as well as her comments.

2) Take a moment to respond to clear up any misunderstandings.