Imagine you’re an employee and you’ve just opened an email from your boss giving you instructions for a project he would like you to complete. Here it is:

I have assigned the Jacksonville Home Funishing account to your and would like for you to begin working on it immediately as soon as possible. If you need allocated expenses please let the purchasing order know so they will prepare a budget and then you will be able to go out and get the supplies needed you need in order to design an admirable marketing campaign for the account. It is expected that we will meet with the clients on about July 7. No specific time has been set for the meeting so in the meantime I ask that you work diligently on the campaign and if you have any questions please ask myself or Carl. I don’t believe you know Carl but I know he will be glad to assist you if you reach out to him and let him know what you need. If Carl isn’t availble to discuss the project your working on, please see Kim and ask for additional insturctions. We’re excited to have you assigned to this account and we are confident we will be awarded the account because of your tenacity and committment to the project.

Thank you for agreeing to work on this.

Sincerely, Jonathan

This email is difficult to read. It is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. What are the specific instructions? What is supposed to be the focus of the overall marketing campaign? Who is Carl and Kim? Unless it’s a very small office, you should put first and last names of fellow employees and what departments they work in. Also, there doesn’t appear to be a specific train of thought. The writer is rambling with no clear direction for the employee. When writing you should stick to a particular focus/subject and elaborate on that topic until you want to transition into another topic.

This person would be considered INEPT: another word for incompetent. Don’t let that be you. Make sure you ALWAYS proofread your writing because you hit the send button.