You see my name in the Header.  But what if it read Bevrly Mahone and what if you saw my name spelled differently somewhere else?  Would you send me an email to question it or just let it go?

With all the spelling aids used today, it’s easy to lose sight of those simple spelling rules and helpful tips we learned in grade school. Along with the invention of spell check and it’s addition to text software, instant messaging services, email and even cell phones has come an inattention to common misspellings.

Why should we pay attention if a computer will fix our mistakes?  We should pay attention because most of the times people are not actually misspelling but rather misusing them, and spell checkers can not detect those mistakes.  If you’re a blogger, you will quickly lose credibility if your posts are plagued with misspelled words.  Your website should also be free of spelling blunders.

Below are the 10 words that people tend to misspell:

1. Your – You’re
2. Then – Than
3. Its – It’s
4. To – Too – Two
5. Were – Where – We’re
6. There – Their – They’re
7. A – An – And
8. Off – Of
9. Here – Hear
10. Lose – Loose

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