What is a synonym? A synonym is a word that is similar to another word or has a related meaning. For example: the word “poor” can also mean “destitute” or “impoverished.” The word loyal can also mean “devoted” or “faithful.”

Here’s a brief quiz for you. Do you know what the synonyms are?

Which of the following are SYNONYMS
for the word FERVENT?

  1. benefit; profit; fulfill; work
  2. economize; limit; penny-pinch; be frugal
  3. hatred; loathing; malevolence; spite
  4. passionate; enthusiastic; eager; fiery
  5. announce; declare; advertise; profess


  1. hatred; loathing; malevolence; spite
  2. accomplice; chum; colleague; pal
  3. enigmatic; mysterious; secret; hidden
  4. irritate; vex; pester; annoy


  1. fall; plunge; nose-dive; descend
  2. representative; substutute; fill-in; stand-in
  3. economize; limit; penny-pinch; be frugal


  1. adjoin; link; border; connect
  2. access; penetrate; get in; impregnate
  3. representative; substitute; fill-in; stand-in
  4. fall; plunge; nose-dive; descend
  5. unresponsive; aloof; emotionless; unconcerned


  1. shortness; briefness; conciseness; terseness
  2. advocate; supporter; promoter; fan
  3. disjointed; disconnected; faltering
  4. waste; spend; fritter away; dissipate
  5. decree; act; law; edict