Let’s say you are my boss and you asked me to write a report on an idea I have to help promote our company. Here’s what I sent to you via email:

Hey Boss,

I have some excelent ideas to help promot our company. As Leader of the Marketing Team I beleive I can help take us to the next level because there is a need for what we do and we shuld strike while the iron is really hot. You know what I mean. I beleive Cindy can be are go to person for handling the press releases and she will be a big help to making sure we understand what we are trying to acomplish.

First off, lets do an advertising campain with the locals radio station so we can spread the word.

Nextly, we can come up with a Television advertise and finally we can go out into the community and let people know who we are and why we they should by their building supplies from us instead.

I set up a team meeting with the entire marketing people for this Thursday and will report back to you when we are finished.


Auntie Bev.

OK—there are so many this WRONG with that email!

First, you should never address your boss as “Hey Boss” It should ALWAYS be Mr./Ms. so and so

It should go without saying that you should be using SPELLCHECK to make sure you are spelling your words correctly.

If one sentence is more than 15 WORDS LONG, it is considered a RUN-ON SENTENCE. It needs a re-write to make it two (or more) sentences.

There is no such word as NEXTLY.

A better way to write this might be:

Ms. Johnson,

Please be advised I am looking forward to doing my part to help promote our Company. As a member of the marketing team, I look forward to helping take us to the next level.

I have scheduled a marketing meeting for this coming Thursday, May 19 and will ask for input from the entire team. As you know, in the past, we have utilized radio, television and press releases as a promotional tool.

I look forward to reporting back to you once our meeting has been completed.


Auntie Bev.