Don’t expect to be able to do at 50 what you were able to do at 20.  For me that means no cheerleader moves like straddle jumps, consecutive cartwheels or splits.  Overdoing it means I could develop something called “Boomeritis.”

Boomeritis is a term used to describe the increase in sports related injured suffered by baby boomers.  Hospitals and private physicians are seeing an increase in patients suffering from bone injuries like tendonitis, bursitis, sprains and strains.  These injuries are caused by athletic wear and tear and age-related changes that cause tissue to become more suseptible to injury. 

Statistics show that most of the boomeritis conditions are relatively minor but they add up to nearly 90,000 injuries per year, a 42 percent yearly increase.

No pain, no gain?

That old phrase may have been the motto on the high school football field,  or a motivational tactic used by your fitness trainer 30 years ago, but it’s definitely not true anymore.  At our age pain is a warning, which may well point to an injury and possibly even need a doctor’s examination.

And by all means, don’t confuse boomeritis with arthritis.