As the author of 5 books (3 best sellers), I am prepared to show you how to shine in writing.

Starting October 8, I will conduct a four-week session on creative writing to help bring out the writer in YOU.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The different writing styles and how to find your own.
  • What makes a good introduction
  • Words and phrases to avoid using
  • Best descriptive word choices
  • You’ll also receive a Writer’s Guide as a resource for future writing

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you’ll be writing each session and receive critical feedback from myself and fellow authors. There is also an opportunity to be PUBLISHED!

There is one catch: I only have room for 10 participants. The sessions will be intense and there will be a lot of writing so if you’re not quite there yet with the motivation, that’s OK. Just leave a seat for someone who is.

Cost for the 4-week session is $96 (or $25 per class)


If you want a spot, please sign up here. No money due at this time BUT if you want to pay now to SECURE YOUR SPOT, you can do so here: You will receive the class sign-in link and resource guide prior to the start of class:

Creative Writing Master Class