Everyone thinks beautiful women have it made—but not so according to a professor at the University of Colorado School of Business.

In a study released in the Journal of Social Psychology, assistant professor Stephanie Johnson indicates attractive women are discriminated against when it comes to applying for jobs that are considered masculine. Jobs like mechanical engineer, finance director, construction supervisor, prison guard, tow truck driver and director of security seem to be off limits to beautiful women. Johnson says “In these professionals being attractive was highly detrimental to women but in every other kind of job attractive women were preferred.”

Newsweek seems to back up Johnson’s findings. In a survey involving 202 hiring managers and 964 “regular” people, it was determined that looks matter in every aspect of the workplace and they mattered more for women.

What do you think? Are women discriminated in certain jobs because of their looks? And could that explain why so many boomer women are undergoing cosmetic surgery in order to retore their beauty and youthful appearance?