Did you know it’s not just what you say but HOW you say it that counts. Your vocal inflection determines how you are perceived as a business professional.

What is vocal inflection? It covers 4 parts: Tempo, Quality, Pitch, and Volume. Whether you’re a speaker, have a radio or TV show or host your own video on YouTube or your website, your voice makes a world of difference in whether you come across as credible and believable. Some people believe if others can just “see” who they are, they will automatically like them and be drawn to whether it is they are selling or promoting. That is not the case at all. Some people come across as natural-sounding while the speech of others sounds forced and rehearsed.

Here’s what your professional voice can reveal about you:

If you’re personable or all business

If you’re happy-go-lucky or serious

If you’re passionate or simply trying to make a sale

If you’re expensive or affordable

If you’re innovative or conservative

If you’re slick or trustworthy

There is so much more to your voice. It is an essential part of building your brand in your efforts to connect with your market. It helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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