The professional summary can be challenging to write. Although it needs to be brief, it should immediately tell the potential employer why you are an excellent candidate for the job you’re seeking. It needs to stand out because it’s the first thing that an employer will read on your resume or CV.

Professional summaries have many names: “Objective,” “Profile,” “Summary,” “Professional Profile,”
and of course, “Professional Summary.” Sometimes, individuals choose to replace the generic title with
a descriptive title like “Marketing Expert” or “Experienced Digital Creator.” The title of the section
doesn’t really matter. It’s the content of the section that can make your resume pop.

generic objective statements like “To obtain employment at a reputable organization where I can utilize
my skills.” This is a meaningless statement. Let’s hope you have a desire to work for a reputable
employer where you can utilize your skills. Otherwise, why are you applying?
Do not start your summary with the word “To.” You want the summary to be interesting, personal, and engaging.

Acceptable: “Experienced Video Game Designer who knows how to create innovative games for entertainment as well as educational purposes. Developed two games that have gone viral.”

Unacceptable: “Video game designer looking to help your company grow with my knowledge and expertise.”

Acceptable: A Marketing expert with her eyes on the prize! Looking to grow with a company looking for someone who knows how to brainstorm and develop ideas for successful campaigns. More than 10 years of experience.

Unacceptable: To continue to develop my skills in the marketing field and showcase my creativity as a marketing expert with over 10 years of experience.

Remember the old saying: You have 10 seconds to make a good impression so making it count begins with the Professional Summary.