Have you ever heard someone being referred to as an “avid reader?” Perhaps you are an “avid cook.”

Avid definition: Avid is an adjective to describe someone who has a keen interest or enthusiasm for something. It comes from the Latin word avidus “to long for” and from avere, which means “to desire eagerly.”

In Spanish, the word for avid is: avida or avido

Using avid in a sentence:

Dorothy is an avid supporter of a Bill that would require free universal healthcare.

Lisa is an avid fan of her high school football team although she graduated from the school 20 years ago.

Beyonce has an avid following of fans who call themselves the “beehive.”

Jennifer took an avid interest in baking after she won her first cake baking contest.

I wish I was an avid reader but I find most books quite boring.

Some synonyms (words that are similar) for avid:

eager, enthusiastic, keen, dedicated

Some antonyms (words that are different):

halfhearted, indifferent, unexcited, dull