Word Definitions

A good, strong vocabulary is the key to your communications success. Using the right words when talking makes you a more effective communicator. Certainly, you should always make sure to choose your words wisely. No sense in spouting out $10 words for a $2 conversation but knowing what to say and when is important no matter if you’re speaking on a personal or professional level.

So here’s a little exercise for you to see how strong (or weak) your vocabulary bank is.

Without cheating, can you answer the following questions from a list of words every middle grade student should know:

What does the word precipice mean?
a) make one’s way by pushing or shoving
b) a very steep cliff
c) to wear off or die down

Which one of these words means: having or showing arrogant authority
a) furtive
b) pristine
c) imperious

What does coerce mean?
a) provoke
b) pressure
c) mislead

If you’re described as ebullient that means you are:
a) daring
b) shy
c) lively

Terse is a word used to describe someone who is:
a) brief and to the point
b) obnoxious
c) a liar

Please post your answers in the comments section and I’ll be sure to let you know how many you got correct. Remember, these are words every middle-school student should know so if you’re an adult who doesn’t know these words, you may want to work on improving your vocabulary. And I can help you.