The news that CBS News Correspondent Harold Dow died on Saturday was another reminder of how truly short life is.  Although no official word has been released on the cause of death, he was only 62. 

I think some of us baby boomers tend to forget or refuse to think about death–but as the old saying goes, “there are two sure things in life:  death and taxes.” 

Knowing you only have a certain amount of time to live puts things into perspective.  But those of us who don’t know end up wasting a lot of time doing frivolous and unnecessary things. 

 So let’s start a discussion today.  If you knew you were going to be dead by September, what five things would you want to do—feel compelled to do?

 Mine are:

 Have the pleasure of giving away a million dollars to friends and strangers

Have a sit-down with Barack and Michelle Obama

Go to dinner with Denzel Washington and his wife, Pauletta

Host Oprah’s Show for one week

Travel back to St. Lucia with five other couples (already identified) for an even better vacation than I had on my honeymoon.

What’s on your bucket list?