Most marketing experts will tell you videos are the way to go if you’re trying to promote yourself and/or your business.  In a recent Forbes online magazine article, the writer declares that online video is vital for your 2013 content marketing objectives.

I believe there is another great reason to use videos—and that is to make a difference.  You can support a worthy cause or simply take a stand on a subject matter you feel very strongly about.   Doing videos isn’t always about promoting yourself.  It can also be your time to shine on a matter near and dear to your heart.  If you do it well, you will receive the benefits of some positive publicity.

Maybe you’re a cancer survivor and you want to share some inspirational moments about your journey.  If you’re a volunteer, you could encourage others to volunteer with a particular group or organization.

Recently, I was asked to speak before our local commissioners to ask them to give financial support to Durham Community Media, where I am a volunteer Producer/Talk Show Host.  Here’s what I said:

Two weeks after this meeting, the station learned it had been approved for funding.