“The naked truth is better than the best dressed lie” ~Ann Landers

Every week I am going to pose a question to solicit your HONEST response.  Please take as much writing space as needed in order to justify your answer.  Also feel free to engage with others who will offer their own responses but I do ask that you be respectful of the other responses—-even when you disagree. 


Question of the Week:

Your coworker has a project that’s overdue and asks you for help.  You give it to him.  During a meeting, the boss raves about the work your coworker did and, as a result, he is going to get a bonus.  How do you react?  If you say anything, you could jeopardize him getting fired since he has been treading on thin ice with all of his overdue projects.

Would you sit quietly and let your coworker take all the credit for the work you HELPED out with?