Creative Writer and All Wordz Matter member, Allie Lara

Autumn has a way of slowly clearing away the old to make room for the new. Vibrant greens fade into vibrant hues of gold and orange, and brightly dappled sidewalks become a muted mottle of greys. The mercurial days can begin with a crispy morning that is as tart as the first bite of an apple, and end with the warm comfort of cider coating the tongue. The subtle shift between vivacious life and sullen death can either evoke euphoric energy or lethargy.

Some people experience an enchanting calmness that allows them to function more steadily and effective. As
I step into the autumn morning, the chill of the fresh, crisp air invigorates me. I view the day through an adventurous lens. Drawing in each tangy breath of the morning air gives me a charge of electricity that I feel in no other season. I am prepared to navigate anything that crosses my path that day. The intense energy of summer and winter is muted, just as the gentle sunlight caressing the crunchy leaves as they prepare to glide away from their homes.

As the day progresses, my momentum increases like I am racing to meeting an encroaching. Perhaps like
autumn, I am in a hurry to tie up loose ends before the cold of winter sets in.