What do you do when you’re asked to be a guest on a local television show because someone else cancelled at the last minute?  They want you to show up at the studio the next day and be prepared to discuss a particular topic that you just happen to be familiar with. 

Here’s your dilemna:  The outfit you know you’ll look good in needs dry cleaning and you need to lose 20 pounds by morning. 

Well, I say you do it of course AND you send a press release out letting others know you’re going to be on TV: 

Durham Author to Appear on My Carolina Today

Durham Author, Radio Host and Baby Boomer Expert Beverly Mahone will make a guest appearance on NBC-17’s My Carolina Today on Wednesday, January 5, 2011.

Mahone will discuss a topic she is very familiar with: the baby boomer generation. As the first wave of baby boomers turn 65 in 2011 many are unprepared for retirement, says Mahone. “Some of us were counting on our 401K plans to see us through the golden years but a lot of that money is gone as the result of poor performing stocks, bad Wall Street deals and the need to withdraw funds in order to stay afloat.”

Mahone believes baby boomers should no longer look towards traditional retirement. Instead, she says, “We must reinvent ourselves by learning new skills so that we can remain marketable and take on the world of Entrepreneurship.”  Mahone is using her 30 years of Corporate media experience to now train others how to communicate effectively as a broadcaster.

In addition to talking about baby boomers, Mahone will also discuss her latest book, “Don’t Ask ad I Won’t Have to Lie.”

My Carolina Today airs weekdays on WNCN NBC-17 at 11am EST.

About Beverly Mahone

Beverly Mahone is a veteran journalist who spent nearly 30 years in radio and television news.  She is also a best selling author, media trainer and motivational speaker, who says she is using the second half of her life to train others interested in communicating effectively for the media.

 Beverly currently hosts a weekly talk show on WCOM in North Carolina and has been featured  in the New York Times newspaper.

To learn more about Beverly, visit her website:  http://beverlymahone.net or contact her directly 919-491-0154

As far as the outfit goes, that’s just another good reason to go shopping!