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Jennifer is still choosing [between / among] three job offers: bank supervisor, financial analyst, and portfolio manager.

The principal has [appraised / apprised] us of the changes to school policy.

The coach [substituted / replaced] the bigger, slower player [with / for] a smaller, quicker one.

My uncle owns a [40-foot / 40-ft.] house boat.

The salesperson gave us three [choices / options] of current LED TV models to pick from.

My favorite book is [“To Kill a Mockingbird” / To Kill a Mockingbird] by Harper Lee.

Robert is an [honest, hard-working / honest hard-working] man.

The due date for the invoice is [September 1 / September 1st].

When hiring website developers for our company, we always look for [experts / trained experts] in JavaScript and SQL.

I [made the decision / decided] to attend grad school after earning my bachelor’s degree.