I’m sure you’ve heard the saying:  “there’s no place like home.”  That may be the sentiment for thousands of women over 40 when it comes to discovering if they’re in menopause.  Apparently, there is a new test you can take in the comfort of your own home to determine if you’re going through the change. 

Menopause testing is supposed to help a woman determine if menopause is the cause of any discomfort she may be experiencing—like sleep problems, irregular periods, hot flashes, mood swings, etc. 

Is the test 100 percent accurate?  There’s been no information released to say one way or the other but what is known is the fact that symptoms like sleep disorders and depression could be the result of something other than menopause.

What the test does not do is give you medical advice once you’ve discovered you are, in fact, menopausal.  That’s where a qualified, real-live doctor comes in.  Make sure you follow up with your physician or further instructions.