If someone describes you as amicable, that means they believe you are a friendly person.

Amicable definition: friendly, neighborly, a good and decent human being, exhibiting goodwill and not being antagonistic.

The word comes from the Latin word for “friend,” amicus.

In Spanish, the word for amicable is: amistosa or amistoso

Using amicable in a sentence:

The word hopes North Korea and the U.S. can reach an amicable agreement when it comes to nuclear weapons.

Since my son refuses to be amicable with his younger siblings, he has lost his cell phone privileges.

When I learned to be more amicable towards my boss, he became nicer to me and actually gave me a raise.

You can draw more friends by being amicable than you can with being mean and nasty.

Some synonyms (words that are similar) for amicable:

friendly, good-natured, cordial, easy going, civil, polite

Some antonyms (words that are different):

antagonistic, hostile, unfriendly, unkind