Are you using the RIGHT words when you communicate with others?  Take this short quiz and find out.

Here's some good _________ for students who want to find the perfect internship.

My favorite old movie is called "Imitation of Life." Unfortunately, I can't remember the lead actress. Her name __________ me.

I've believe there's___________ of untapped talent in the job market.

Would like a _______________ ticket to the Lakers game?

Do you every have a guilty ___________________ when you lie?

Barbie and Ken have broken up! After 43 years of dating, ________ all over for the prince and princess of plastic.

300 divorced people were asked, 'What was the __________ reason you got a divorce?'

Most high school counselors say the ACT is easier _______ the SAT.

_______________ going to be president in 2024?