Welcome to your Mother's Day Trivia Quiz.  The first person who guesses ALL of the answers CORRECTLY on the FIRST TRY will win a $50 prize.  There is a time limit on the quiz so no one can try to search out the answers online.  Good luck!

What year was the first Mother's Day celebrated?

What year did Mother's Day become a national holiday?

What is the most popular gift on Mother's Day?

What day of the week are most babies born?

What is the average number of children people have these days?

In what month are most babies born in the U.S.?

How much $$$ was spent on Mother's Day in 2022

What do they call Mother's Day in England?

What was the most common name for a boy in 2022

What was the most common name for a girl in 2022

How old was the oldest woman to ever give birth?

What is Auntie Bev's mother's name?