Welcome to your  Choose the RIGHT Word Quiz.  There is a 20-MINUTE time limit.  Good Luck and remember, the more points you accumulate gives you a better chance to be crowned QUIZMASTER at the end of the year and win $100!

We could not _________ the explanation.
We were not ________ to the idea.
We found everything _________ the right document.
The chemical had _______ effects on her system.
The cost will _______ the final contract.
We know that the _____ of the merger will create problems.
The plaintiff found herself _______ several hostile witnesses.
The owners _______ the building after the fire.
The defendant did his best to _______ the plaintiff that the damage was minimal.
The agreement was made ________ two employees of the business.
John agreed to keep Linda ______ of all changes in the agreement.
The __________ meeting occurs every other month.
The committee read the document and _________ objectionable parts.
The owners added a scaffold to ______ that workers were safe.
A ________report is produced twice a year.