Business Writing Master Class


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If your writing isn’t becoming to you, you need to be coming to Auntie Bev’s Writing MasterClass! In four (4) 90 minute sessions, you will learn what it takes to write more effectively AND efficiently. You will also be challenged to take your writing to a new, higher level with writing assignments and quizzes.

Module 1: The Basics of Good Business Writing: This includes:

  • Understanding how to write with clarity so the person on the receiving end doesn’t have to question what you wrote.
  • Learn how to identify the writing style of your manager/supervisor so you can make sure to get your points across EVERY time in your written correspondence!
  • The Do’s and Dont’s of Writing Business Vocabulary
  • How to avoid writing run on sentences.
  • Avoiding incorrect verb tense errors
  • Writing exercises

Module 2: The Importance of Reading Comprehension

  • Why reading comprehension is IMPORTANT to your writing
  • Comprehension goes BEYOND reading: What does that mean?
  • The different levels of Reading Comprehension
  • PLUS: Reading Comprehension exercises to challenge your brain

  Module 3: Writing Proper Business Emails and Reports

  • The mechanics of good business writing/sentence structure
  • How to write clear and concise emails and reports
  • Word Choices Matter
  • The Power of transitional words and phrases
  • The importance of punctuation in business writing
  • Writing exercises and quizzes

Module 4: The Final Exam

This includes a culmination of everything you learned over the past three weeks plus a writing assessment.

This is for people who are SERIOUS about taking their writing to the next level.

Included is 4 downloadable ebooks. Please download the ebooks and complete assignments prior to class for evaluation and discussions. If that’s you and you can attend 4 Saturday sessions starting October 7, 2023; Time: 11:00 am EST to 12:30 pm EST, please sign up. Seating is LIMITED to the first 20 students


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