Writing skills are undoubtedly weaker when you don’t have a strong vocabulary. The use of less sophisticated and varied words in writing impacts grades on papers and tests and candidate strength on college essays and job interviews .

No matter what you’re writing about, someone reading it will instantly notice any spelling or grammatical mistakes you make.

Poor spelling sends a negative first impression that weakens your credibility. As a result, you’ll distract from whatever message you’re trying to convey.

According to multiple publications, over 80 percent of surveyed employers state that they immediately reject resumes that contain any more than one or two grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Improving your spelling and punctuation skills is just a matter of catching your mistakes and correcting them as you go. I always encourage my clients to read what they’ve written out loud, word for word, to make sure what they’ve written is what they meant to say. The paragraph below is an example of a poorly written paragraph riddled with errors. How would you correct it?

Watching TV all the time, its easy to see why their having trouble. TV interferes with them studying and it’s strong affect on children has alot to due with their grades. There’s other factors, too, including the indifference of parents like you and I. A Mom or Dad often doesn’t know grammer themselves. We should tell are children to study hard like we did at they’re age and to watch less TV then their classmates.

Remember, good grammar and spelling AND punctuation ALL matter in writing.