You might be wondering what love and intimacy have to do with VOCABULARY. Well, when we express love, we use words, right? When we were younger we might have used racy language “in the mood” but as we age, our words become more tempered.

We all know that as we age, things change. We become older and, hopefully, wiser and our priorities tend to shift as to what we see as the important things in life.

Sex and intimacy changes over the years, so here’s a little quiz to test your knowledge of what people over the age of 50 think about the subject. What is your perception about sex and love after 50 and does it falls in line with other people are thinking? Have some fun with it and make it a conversation topic with friends!

The survey was originally conducted by AARP with 1500 participants.

Welcome to your Love and Intimacy Quiz

On average, how many times a year do people 50-59 have sex?

How many men over the age of 45 report impotency problems?

Sexual Therapists say sexual dysfunction is

At what age is it safe to stop using a condom?

Which attribute do mature adults rate the lowest?

Who's more likely to remarry--a divorced/widowed man or woman?

A divorced woman is most likely to find a husband who.....

When mature women engage in sexual activity, how many times always or usually achieve orgasm?

Of the following statements, which do mature men and women equally endorse?