Media Interview Tips

When you are looking for your time in the media spotlight, there are things you should do in preparing for the interview.

As I wrote in a previous blog post, here are some tips to help you get ready:

  • Clarify your communication objective(s).
  • Determine how the interview might offer you the chance to make positive points or provide helpful information about your topic/issue/organization.
  • Write down and practice key message points in brief statements or bullet points.
  • Remove jargon or long explanations.
  • Have back up data to support your points if appropriate. Review facts and figure so you are comfortable discussing them.
  • Get to know the media outlet — what type of program is it? Who is their target audience? What is the interview format? Length? Live? Taped? Solo or multi-guests?
Now here are some audio tips on what you should and should not do DURING an interview:

Tip #1 on what you should NEVER do

Tip #2 on what you should do during an interview

Tip #3 on what you should NOT do during an interview

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