In case you didn’t know, your vocabulary and your listening skills go hand in hand. Being able to understand the words you read or hear will dictate how you respond.

Sadly, people aren’t reading as much as they used to. As a matter of fact, a Gallup poll survey has revealed that only 6 percent of people named reading as their favorite way to spend an evening. On average, roughly 10 percent of men say they are avid readers, compared to 19 percent of women. Many people who used to pick up a book during their spare time are now picking up their cellphones instead.

Reading requires attention. Thanks to technology, however, listening to an audible book can achieve the same goals: enjoying a good book and comprehending what the book is all about. That’s why LISTENING COMPREHENSION is important. It’s one thing to read words on a page but it’s another thing to truly understand what you’re listening to. If you don’t listen effectively, you will either miss the message or misunderstand what is being said.

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