Spelling and reading skills are closely related and help develop overall literacy. Knowing how to spell is important when you are sending correspondence to someone, especially a potential employer. Not knowing how to spell creates confusion and a lack of clarity.

How do you spell the words defined below?

(adj.) Emotionally hardened; Unfeeling, insensitive, unsympathetic

  1. calluous
  2. callous
  3. calous
  4. callaous
  5. callus

(v.) To renounce or reject; To avoid or shun

  1. abjur
  2. adjure
  3. abjour
  4. objure
  5. abjure

How do you spell the word defined below?

(adj.) At rest; Still

  1. quiecent
  2. quiscent
  3. queiscent
  4. quiescient
  5. quiescent

Lack of respect or seriousness when dealing with something serious; Frivolity

  1. lavity
  2. levaty
  3. levitate
  4. levity
  5. levety

v.) To ruin the surface or appearance of; To vandalize

  1. diface
  2. defase
  3. defeace
  4. deface
  5. disface

(adj.) Eating with greediness or in very large quantities; Ravenous

  1. voracious
  2. varacious
  3. vorcaious
  4. voratious
  5. vocarious