Bishop Eddie Long is listed as one of Atlanta’s 125 most influential leaders; Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta’s Legacy Award, 1999; Academy of Outstanding Leaders Award; Positive Image Award; Honorary Deputy Sheriff’s Award, DeKalb County, GA. But today he stands accused of the unthinkable: homosexual encounters in the church AND with teenage boys.

As expected, Bishop Long has denied these allegations and only time and the evidence will tell what the real truth is.

Three lawsuits have been filed against the Bishop—all alleging he used his influence as a clergyman to persuade young boys into homosexual acts with him. In exchange, he allegedly bought them cars, jewelry and other expensive items and also allegedly paid for lavish vacations for these young men all over the world.

Many are finding it hard to believe that this baby boomer, with humble beginnings in Charlotte, NC, would have committed such heinous acts and it’s also shocking to think that a man who has been so adamantly opposed to gay marriage would have this kind of secret hiding in his closet.

If it turns out to be true you will probably see him give a tearful press conference announcing his sin before the world and God and begging for forgiveness.

Do you think these allegations are going to have an impact on the way homosexuality is viewed in our churches? What do you think this says about the leadership in our churches?