When you send out a press release you are literally competing with thousands of others who are also seeking some type of media attention.  The problem with many publicity seekers is they have no real clue on how to target the right market so they end up doing what I call a “spray and pray.”  They put out the release and hope the right eyes will see it and respond.

First and foremost, be clear on who you are targeting with your release.  Yes, you are hoping a media outlet (or two) will pick it up but think about who else can benefit from your information.  You can maximize your press release exposure by identifying the groups(s) who would be interested in what you’re offering and then targeting them directly.

How do you do that?

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus….need I say more.  These social media sites give you an opportunity to build relationships with people you don’t even know.  That, in turn, opens up a new audience of potential buyers and/or customers.

So before you send out that next press release, go to your favorite social media sites, find those groups you feel closely aligned with and start making connections.  It can also maximize your press release exposure because if you’ve built a good relationship with others, you may find your press release “tweeting” around the world.