One of the best ways to self promote yourself or your small business or product is If through media interviews.  Although getting on one of the major radio or television talk shows may be a tough challenge, internet radio has opened the doors to many opportunities. With internet radio as part of your marketing plan, you can reach hundreds or thousands of people at little or no cost.

Here are some tips to make your telephone media interview effective:

1)  If you’re calling in be sure to get the correct time/date and the time zone.  If you agree to 5pm PST and you live on the East Coast, that means you’re supposed to call in at 8pm.

2)  Prepare a list of questions to provide to the host/producer.  If you’ve written a book, send them a copy.

3)  Try not to use a cell phone and do not ask the host or producer to call you on a line with call waiting.

4)  Have a specific area set aside for your telephone interview so there won’t be any noise distractions.

5)  Be sure to keep some water nearby in case your throat gets dry.

6)  If you are portraying yourself as an EXPERT on a particular subject never say “I don’t know.”  Even if you don’t know the answer, cover by saying something like “that’s a really good question and offer your take on the question.  (That’s why giving a list of questions to the host/producer is a good idea so you can have some sense of control over the interview).

7)  If callers are a part of the interview be sure to address everyone by their first name and thank them for calling in.  They didn’t have to you know.

8)  Relax, be conversational and let your personality shine!