The model of doing business has certainly changed over the years since I first started in the job market. It’s changed even more as a result of the Pandemic, with more and more folks working from home. Despite this fact, however, one variable remains constant: your communication skills will either make you or break you in the business world. It’ll be the difference between working at a fast food or retail store versus being employed by a Fortune 500 company. It’ll be the difference between navigating your way as an entrepreneur or working for someone else and simply taking orders.

Regardless of your career path, you will most likely need to submit resumes and conduct interviews to get hired. You must know how to concisely present yourself and your skills while maintaining a respectful and professional tone. The ability to communicate effectively and professionally is crucial to making a good impression on employers.

In the workplace, effective communication with co-workers and superiors will help you do well and even advance your career. When problems come up, you need to know how to discuss them and cooperate with team members to solve them. Maintaining a good relationship with co-workers can also lead to long-lasting friendships and more job satisfaction. Showing your employer that you can cooperate and communicate effectively could also greatly improve your chances for a promotion. Advanced positions in a company tend to involve team and project management, in which good communication skills is crucial. Honing your communication skills could open up your future to those high-paying positions in your company.

So my question is, how much does success mean to you? If you say it’s not that important for what you do then you probably don’t need to keep reading BUT if you have the desire to expand your communication skills so you can speak and be understood with clarity in ALL situations, I’m inviting you to invest $10 a month to become a member of the All Wordz Matter Community where you can get your shine on.

You have nothing to lose but EVERYTHING to gain!