I remember when I interviewed for the very last job I ever had in Corporate America, I was asked where I saw myself in 10 years.  Being in my early 40s, I told the employer I hoped to be growing with the Company.

But now here it is more than 10 years later and I find myself growing in a different direction.  I am among a growing number of baby boomers who have joined the ranks of the self-employed.  According to the AARP, nearly half of the self-employment population is over 50, and about one in three self-employed workers age 51 to 69 made the transition to self empl0yment at or after 50.

What I do know is starting fresh and determining what your options might be for creating your own business or developing your expertise isn’t always an easy task.

It can be even harder to get others to notice what you’re doing at your age—especially if you’re not sure about how to maximize your exposure.

That’s where I come in………..

As a veteran journalist with nearly 30 years of experience, I am fully qualified to assist you with Your Time to Shine in the media spotlight.   You are not too old to get out there and create a buzz for your business and I will show you how!

Re-do, Re-new, Re-create, Re-invent!

At some point in life we all need a makeover—to showcase our knowledge and expertise—to be given an opportunity to be seen AND heard for our talents and gifts.  You haven’t lived all these years for nothing.  You have a message…..a story…..a passion…….

It’s Your Time to Shine Baby Boomer!

“You have gifts to give the world.  Find your voice and prosper.” ~Beverly Mahone

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