When you hear the word “socialite” you probably think of some high society, snobbish folks who come from a privileged background and have little or nothing to do with the common people. Well, for the purpose of this blog post, I am going to change the narrative and go into Trump mode (what you think you know isn’t true).

I am using the term “socialite” as a positive word to describe bloggers and how well they relate and interact with others. All of the good bloggers I know do the following:

They ENGAGE with others whether it be on or offline. That engagement, many times, leads to a blog post. Case in point: I am connected virtually on Twitter named to a blogger named Melodieann Whiteley. When I went to her Boomer Business Coach blog recently I noticed she had an interview with another woman I am also connected with on Twitter. Through that interview I learned more about Elizabeth Wallace and it gave me much more insight into who she is and what she does than I probably would’ve known just by following her (If you’re on Twitter you know everything moves in a nanosecond).

They’re storytellers: In addition to writing a blog, Marcie Hill also interviews interesting people on her YouTubevideo Channel You learn interesting things about people and their perspectives on various subjects.

They’re observant: Bloggers who are looking for interesting content are observant of others.
For example, On my Babyboomerbev Blog I often write about something I’ve seen or heard or discussed with someone else.

They LOVE to share: Ileane Smith is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to blogging and podcasting. Her BasicBlogTips site offers valuable information to help everyone from novice bloggers to experienced bloggers develop and improve their writing. Another blogger named Morgan shares a hodgepodge of information as it relates to her life on her blog simply titled Her vs. World

There are certainly LOTS of good bloggers who fall into my “socialites” category but these are the names that immediately come to mind. All good bloggers not only engage, but they provide value to their readers. It’s about giving back to your online community who is eager to connect with you in more than a nanosecond.