What is a PSA? 

A PSA is short for Public Service Announcement, which is a free, non-commercial, non-denominational, non-political message that can be used to focus public attention on a specific issue of concern on behalf of government agencies or non-profit organizations.

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs think the only way they can get their message out in the media is by spending advertising dollars.  That is not true.  Depending on your message, you can take advantage of free media publicity. As a veteran journalist, I want to inform you of a way you can get the word out about who you are and what you have to offer by utilizing a PSA.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur you can take advantage of getting free publicity with a PSA.  If you are willing to offer your time and expertise to the general public by conducting a free workshop or seminar, you can submit your announcement to the various media outlets.  By doing this, you are offering a community service.

To learn more, you’re invited to download a free copy of my ebook:  Getting Your Message Across With a Public Serivce Announcement.  Click here:  PSA