Let me just start off by saying what you are going to read below are NOT my words. This was part of an email that came to me from a guy named Benji Bruce, who’s all over the internet with his speakinglifestyle website, which he proclaims is the #1 “speaker training site on the planet.” I follow Bruce because he puts out good content for me as a public speaker, who is always looking for new ideas and ways to get speaking engagements.

The email Bruce sent forced me to read it twice and, after dissecting it, I came to the conclusion that what he said made perfect sense. Trump knows how to “woo” an audience and command attention. That’s what we all what as public/motivational/inspirational speakers. I’m dying to know what you think. Here’s the email:

How did Trump get people to give their lives for him?

How does a guy who uses Hitler’s slogan “Make Germany Great Again” (yes, that’s what Hitler used) get people to be so committed to him that they will die?

Let’s face it. Trump attempted a coup.

Trump is like the evil villain in a movie who reveals everything he’s going to do before he does it (I saw this coup coming from a mile away).

He’s been talking in a way that encourages violence (but only for his MAGA people…black people aren’t allowed to get mad at racism).

He let’s his goons do the talking for him for plausible deniability (like when they said someone should cut off the head of the FBI director).

And Trump just flat out lies.  

But…people believe him.


Trump has the ability to hit the emotions of a group of people through repetition.

He creates slogans that are easy to remember and captures the essence of his message.

“Stop the steal”… is easy to remember and captures his message in 3 words.

(Of course he got laughed out of court with his baseless allegations because unlike Trump’s gullible supporters, the courts asked for evidence instead of rhetoric. If there’s all this so-called evidence, why couldn’t he provide 1…just 1…piece of evidence)

After he clarified his message, he repeated it over and over. And repetition is POWERFUL.

Remember, Trump is like the evil movie villain who reveals everything.

He talked about how he will say things just to change the conversation. He does it all the time and mentions it in his book.

When he didn’t condemn white supremacy on TV, there was a lot of publicity about it.

Next thing you know, Trump says he has COVID and it changed the entire conversation the media reported.

(Yes, I believe he faked his COVID diagnosis. The timing was TOO PERFECT and he recovered over the weekend because he noticed the stock market almost crashed.)

With the election, the conversation would have been “Trump lost.” But he changed the conversation to “Stop the steal.”

(Hilary Clinton predicted this a long time ago. You can find the video footage of her talking about it before Trump became president.)

By creating a clear message and repeating it, Trump got people to attempt a coup on the Capital.

The message wasn’t just any message.

It was a message that people associate with their identity.

Remember, politics and religion are two things you don’t talk about at the dinner table. They’re topics that are emotionally charged.

And “stop the steal” spoke directly to the identity of his voters.

It got to a point where police officers literally allowed the MAGA group to storm the Capital (look up the video footage and you’ll see police officers opening the barricades and waving people on towards the building).

A clear message, repeated over and over, that is tied directly to a person’s identity, caused a group of crazy mo-fo’s to get to a point where they’re willing to die from Trump.

But what’s the point?

The point is that you have to master this skill.

You have to master the skill of capturing attention in a way that grows your business (or start a coup, it’s up to you).

There was more to the email but the point I am trying to make here is public speakers who can demonstrate “Donald Trump-like persuasive speaking qualities” can not only command an audience but also draw a huge following and make LOTS of money in the process. What do you think?