OK, here we go again with another survey about what boomer women want—or in this case DON’T WANT. 

In response to the question, “What would you not be willing to give up?”, boomer women said a TV in the bedroom is more important than regular sex.   Boomer men, on the other hand, said sex is more important.

The survey report was conducted by Continuum Crew as a part of their ongoing attempt to understand the joint and individual habits of mature couples.

I am always curious as to who the “boomers” are that get interviewed for the various surveys because I’ve never received a call.  Have you? 

The other point is I don’t believe you can claim the response of a few in this case is indicative of the entire generation of boomer women.  Afterall, how many of the 51 million of us did they interview?  

One point I will agree with is, I do believe there is plenty of truth to the the conclusion that boomer women prefer TV over sex—and that may very well explain why some boomer men commit adultery.

What do you think?