Is there a Book in You?

I wrote my first book in the 8th grade. I shared it with my friends. It was never published but somehow I knew I would be writing a REAL book someday and I DID!

Now, as the author of FIVE books (3 Amazon Best Sellers), I am excited to share my expertise on the How, What, Where, When, Why and How of writing your own book!

You’ll hit the ground running in this 6-week jam packed session!

You’ll learn:

HOW to Get Started

Understanding your WHY?

WHO is your audience? Who will hold you accountable?

WHAT is your purpose? What is your genre (and why?)

WHERE do you see this book? (the importance of visualization)

WHEN you should be writing?

BONUS: Setting up a Blog

EXTRA BONUS: Self publishing vs. traditional publishing

EXTRA EXTRA BONUS!: How to Market Your Book

This course is for SERIOUS WRITERS ONLY.

First session begins on Saturday, June 24 at noon EST via Zoom


AWM members: $199

Non-members $349

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