People who don’t speak well are often looked at as illiterate. Your words have impact and can be a deal breaker in some circles.

Whether it’s personal or professional, you must know how to communicate effectively. This doesn’t mean you have to use big, fancy words to impress, but you should have a good command of the English language and correct pronunciation so you will be seen in a favorable light by others.

Over a four-week period (beginning February 3, 2024), you will learn how to improve your speaking skills:

Module One:  The importance of Enunciation and Pronunciation (phonetics) and how to pronounce your words more clearly.

Module Two:  Small Talk and the importance of active listening when communicating with others.

Module Three:  Speaking in clear, concise sentences in conversations and how to avoid mismatching verbs and nouns.

Module Four: Final Oral Exam

If this sounds like something you need (or really want), I invite you to register. SEATING IS LIMITED TO 25 PEOPLE.

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