As a mother, I want to be proud of my daughter’s achievements while she’s in college–but one of them is NOT for being a sex pot!  As a matter of fact, I don’t even want to know that she’s having sex, although I was forced to face that fact a few years ago when she became a teenage mother.

That brings me to the story of Kathy Owen.  She’s the Duke University grad who created a “sex me list” in the form of a power point presentation and circulated it to a few of her girlfriends.  Little did she know, her email would become a chain letter. 

Can you imagine what the poor mother of Kathy Owen must be feeling right now, knowing that her 2010 Duke University college graduate outed herself as a tramp when she shared intimate details of  her sexual escapades with some of her fellow Duke male students?  Kathy’s mother must be horrified knowing her daughter’s picture has been plastered all over TV and the internet for something other than academics at one of the most prestigious schools in the country.  Kathy’s whorish behavior has not only hurt her image–but also that of her mother, father, brothers, sisters and any other family members who may want to claim her. 

The fact that Kathy chose to expose herself as a slut during her four years at Duke may, very well, say a lot about her mother.  Where was that mother-daughter talk about sex?  Okay–before you jump on my case about my daughter, I will admit, we never had such a talk either so I, too, am having to deal with the consequences—a grandson. 

I’m curious as to what the relationship was like between Mrs. Owen and her daughter during her childhood years. 

Meanwhile, Kathy Owen is being applauded in some circles.  Some folks are saying she’s just putting the shoe on the other foot and giving men a taste of their own medicine.  Yes, she was definitely giving them a taste, all right!

Poor Mrs. Owen….my sympathies.