There’s a baby boomer in Tennessee who wants to be the next Governor of the state. His name is Basil Marceaux and he’s a Republican. He’s already run for Governor three times, state senate 4 times and once for the U.S. Senate–each time without success.

Is he being taken seriously? You judge for yourself, based on his platform in his own words:

a. School violents
b. Add reading of the minutes to the U.S.Congress mandatory
c. Get more of the lottery money to 1-12

2.Equal Health care
a. a free gift program
b. take a look at and redo all mandtory insurance programs
c. See why dental is not in most plans a tooth aches hurt more than a back aches and no teeths depresses people

3.Citzens Safety+Citizens Constitution Rights

4.Improving Our Environment


6.Open doors more for manufactures

7.My plan will give the state free gas for all governmental cars and trucks

8.Make the U.S. Flag in all state buildings and court fly right. if you fly a U.S.Flag you will fly it right

What do you think? Would you vote for what he stands for? Here’s the video: