2023 Auntie Bev's Virtual St. Lucia Trip

Auntie Bev and Uncle Nate will be returning to St. Lucia Dec. 19-24, revisiting the place they spent their honeymoon 17 years ago. While on this trip, Auntie Bev will create several videos a day, with words specifically created for this trip. *If Auntie Bev has to “cuss with class” to anyone, you’ll witness it!

This is an early content release, available to the general public for $9.97. AllWordzMatter Community Members who purchase the virtual trip have early access to the videos while Auntie Bev is in St. Lucia for $5.00 using the AWM coupon code. (Watch your email for the code.) The only way general public will see these videos is through this purchase.

All those who purchase the early release 2023 Auntie Bev Virtual St. Lucia Trip (members and general public) will have a chance to receive one of the calendars. AllWordzMatter members who don’t purchase the virtual trip, will have access to the trip videos near the end of January 2024 as one of their membership perks.

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See Take a Trip to St. Lucia with Auntie Bev (allwordzmatter.com for virtual trip details.

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