Need a Speaker?

If you need a great motivational, inspirational, FUN and ENGAGING Speaker, you need not look any further than Beverly Mahone.  This one-of-a-kind speaker draws from her professional, spiritual and every day life experiences to uplift, inspire and to help you achieve your own professional and personal success!

Her Inspirational Topics include:

  • “Re-do Re-new Re-create and Re-invent Yourself at Midlife and Beyond”
    “Renewing Your Spirit After the Storm”
    “When the Man of Your Dreams Turns out to be a Nightmare: Finding Light at the end of the Tunnel.”
  • “Make Your Mess Your MESS-age”

Her Business/Media Workshop Topics include:

  • “Benefits and Risks of Working with the Media “
    Who Do You Think You Are?: The Art of Self-Promotion”
    “How to Get Your Message Across”    
  • “99 and a Half Won’t Do”
  • “Giving You the Best That I’ve Got”


Here’s a clip of Beverly in action:


Send your speaker requests to: bmahonegi