I am a journalist and an author. That means I have a good command of the english language—or SHOULD have. I recently read 100 Words Every Expert Author Should Know and now I am wondering how much of an expert I really am.

No where in the article does it explain what being an “expert author” means but I am assuming it means being able to express yourself through your writing with all the words your readers will be able to identify—words like “amalgamate”  “obfuscate” and “belie.”  Yes, these are just a sample of the 100 words I should know and understand.

To better illustrate my “expert author” knowledge, allow me to share a brief synopsis of a future book.  Haven’t come up with a title yet, but I’m sure it’ll come to me:

Although Sally refused to articulate her emotions, I could tell something wasn’t right by her supericilious look.  She was unable to handle the situation with courtesy and aplomb.  Perhaps she was trying to obfuscate everyone in the room who all thought her behavior was asinine

Suddenly Sally accused Jake, in the group, of having a vacuous mind. 

Jake yelled back, “Let go of your hubris a second and think about what you’re saying!” 

Silence deafened the room as everyone tried to figure out how they could amalgamate in harmony for the remainder of the couples retreat.

OK—so what do you think?  Does my use of  these $10 words impress you?  Are you more inclined to read a book that uses these types of words?

One more thing:  How many of these words do YOU actually know without having to look them up?